Neonatal Research Center



MUMS Neonatal Research Center

The neonatal research center is under Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and is the first neonatal research center in Iran. This center is approved by Minister of Health and Education (Dr. Lankarani) on Aug 22, 2005 and then strated its scientific activity. 
MUMS Neonatal Research Center
  • Developing and using science for neonatalogy
  • Performing epidemiological and clinical fundamental researches with the goal of improving health care delivery system and meet the requirements of our society
  • Data, documents banking and articles collections, processing and publication
  • Educating neonatal medicine researchers
  • Encouraging and employing researchers
  • Finding and cooperating with national and international educational and research institutes

The strategy of neonatal research center:

The neonatal research center of Mashhad University of Medical Science (MUMS) has long- term and short-term strategies to keep the health level of newborn and and improve the science of neonatology.

Strategic programs:
MUMS Neonatal Research Center


  • Introducing and improving NRC positions in the provincial, country and international levels
  • Organizing, facilitating and creating neonatal research division for neonatalogy under Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS)
  • Developing NRC subunits
  • Prioritizing research areas based on the need assessment
  • Encouraging and enabling researchers for performing research in neonatal field
  • Mutual cooperation with industry to provide their research requirements and receiving financial aids for NRC
  • Periodical evaluation of the NRC activities


  1.  Kangaroo mother care
  2.  Lead poisoning
  3.  Mother's milk
  4.  Micro nutrition
  5.  Neonatal morality
  6. Preterm
  7. Icter & Hyperbilirubinemia





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