Main Activities

Innovation and clinical studies on orthopedics and subspecialties

The neonatal center of Mashhad University of Medical Science (MUMS) is one of the oldest NICU in Iran, which had been started subspecialty resident education program by Dr. Zahra Panjavani who was the first staff of neonatology in MUMS. At that time there were only four neonatologist in Iran, named: Dr. Alireza Marandi, Dr. Hadi Samaei, Dr. Hossein Fakhraei and Dr. Zahra Panjavani.

Other Activities

• Eval uati on, translati on, and valida ti on of sta ndardized pati ent-rep ort ed questi onnaires • Pati ent follow-up • Nuclear medicine depar tment, genetic lab, and collaborati on with st em cell depa rtment a nd conferences

Since 1987 Dr. Gholamali Mamouri, Dr. Ashraf Mohammadzadeh, Dr. Ahmad Shah  Farhat, Dr. Fatemeh Khatamei, Dr. Gholamali  Fatahi Bayat, Dr. Mousa Ahmadpour, Dr. Mohammad Torkaman, Dr. Reza Saeidi, Dr. Hasan Boskabadi, Dr. Ramin Iranpour, Dr.Majid Mansori, and Dr. Mehrdad Mirzarahimi were first subspecialty residents who graduated from MUMS in Neonatology.
In fact, for three consecutive years, 2005 – 2007, this department was recognized as the first level neonatal center for subspecialty resident education, by the head of the health ministry
The objective of this center is to be the best subspecialty resident in this field. Therefore, the centre has conducted a research centre in MUMS, to enhance the training of sub specialty graduates. Therefore, a letter was sent to the Mashhad University of Medical Science with all the required documents which was later evaluated by health ministry. Fortunately, on the 175th meeting the Medical Sciences University Council accepted by the health minister (Dr. Lankarani) for establishment of the first neonatal research center in Iran on May 20th 2006 and the acceptance letter was signed by health minister. In this center, we hope to enhance our knowledge and research capabilities in the field of neonatal science in Iran. We kindly appreciate any kind of co-operations for research in neonatology and we are waiting for researchers views and suggestions.

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Educational Activities
The head master of panel of the first new festival about Endocrine pediatrics disease.

Evaluation of IVIG effect to decrease mortality of preterm infants by positive blood culture.

Comparative of two methods serum bilirobin measurement by Trance Coetaneous with bili test on 100 icteric infant’s refereed to NICU of Emamreza hospital’ and Ghaem hospital.

Report of one case congenital lobar amphysm.

Evaluation of Etiology of neonate’s seizure in Alavi Hospital, Ardebil

 Evaluation of relation Helico bacterial pillory infection with epidemiologic and nutrition way of life.

Evaluation of risk factors to Helico bacterial pillory infected and relation of this infection with ABO blood group.

 Evaluation of receptors of steroid hormones in Nasa pharmy Angio fibroma

Evaluation of deficiency Inter- Lukin 6 to distinguish Septicemia in infants

Evaluation of congenital Anomalia references to NICU Emamreza Hospital

Comparative of low birth weight infants mortality admitted in NICU and outside the ward, Emamreza Hospital

 Effect of shirkhesht on serum sodium level of newborn

Prevention of lead poisoning in 1-6 years old children of mashhad city

Comparison of breast feeding & tube feeding on O2 saturation in very low birth infants

Evaluation of equipment, liquid material and personal hands culture in NICU of Emamreza Hospital

Cause of breast feeding consult after delivery

Oral lesions in newborns of Emamreza Hospital

Kangaroo mother care

Prevalence & risk factors of hypospadias

Comparison of oral and intramuscular vitamin K effect on coagulation factors in newborns

 Evaluation & risk factors of hypoglycemia in  infants refereed to NICU of Emamreza  hospital

Rights of newborns

Research/Scientific Achievenments
making automatic machine for blood exchange of new born
Evaluation of celiac prevalence in mothers with low weight infants
Comparison of oral and intramuscular vitamin K effect on coagulation factors in newborns
The effect of micro nutrient on low birth weight infants
Evaluation of prevalence serum lead level in 1 to 6 years old infants in Mashhad.
The evaluation of different methods of nursing care and to wash mother's breast on bacterial's that is in mother's milk with low birth weight infants on NICU Emamreza hospital
Prevalence of Alo-anti- body in patients with major Thalassemia
Study of heparin concentration effect on venous blood gases results in neonates at Emamreza hospital - NICU
Evaluation of hypernatremia dehydration risk factors in breast feeding infants
Evaluation of deficiency IL-8 to distinguish septicemia infants
The effect of Interleukin 6 deficiency on prenatal Asphyxia
Prognoses of used mother selenium during pregnancy on  their neonates
Determination of relation between mother's blood lead level with blood  lead level of exclusive breast fed infants less than six month reoffered to Emamreza Hospital - NICU
Comparative of the blood lead level and blood zinc level between infants with a birth weight of less than 2500gr  & infants with birth weight more than 2500gr  and evaluation of them with their mother's
Evaluation of ROP in less than 32 weeks of pregnancy infants
Evaluation of sun flower oil effect to decrease hospitably infection in preterm infants
Effect of supine and prone positions on arterial oxygen tension in the healthy preterm infants before discharge
The effect of shirkhesht on newborns Indirect hyperbilirubinemia
Effect of iron deficiency anemia HbA2 & comparison of blood elements in iron deficiency anemia because of minor Thalassemia
Professional/Exclusive Activities
Research Activities
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